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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2011 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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>> did morning. welcome to the city operations and neighborhood services committee. i am supervisor avalos. we will be joined shortly by supervisor mar. >> all persons attending the meeting are asked to turn off cell phone and pagers. items recommended out of committee today will be considered by the full board of supervisors tuesday of next week another " -- unless another date is indicated. supervisor avalos: thank you. we have a few liquor licenses to
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consider. >> item 1 is to consider the issuance of a tight 75 general liquor license to anthony lavia for southern pacific brewing will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor avalos: welcome. >> what is before you is an application for a brew pub license. it will be located at 620 treat. it will allow for the distilling of beer. it will also have a food requirement. minors will be allowed on the premises. it will operate like a restaurant. they will be making beer on the site. we're recommending approval with the following conditions. the sale of beverages in the enclosed dining room shall be
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between 10:00 a.m. until midnight. the second condition is regarding the patio area. alcohol beverage will be served until 10:00 p.m. monday through thursday. we have the patio closing sooner. the gross sales of alcohol beverages will not exceed the sales of food in the same time. the sales of food and the alcoholic beverages will be in the licensed business. records will be kept on a monthly basis and be made available to the apartment upon demand. meals must be served whenever the privilege of the license is being exercised. this will be a restaurant. 75% of the premises will be designated for and used for food consumption.
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there will have all necessary items to serve meals to the public. the sale is limited to containers less than 1 gallon in size. because they are a brew pub, we do not normally allow restaurants to have an off sale privilege. thbecause there product is uniq, they wanted to be able to sell a 1 gallon keg. we thought as long as we kept it to regular business hours, we did not see it impacting the community. noise is defined as any ruckus that disturbs the peace and quiet of persons in the neighborhood. it shall not be audible beyond the area under control of the licensee.
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no person under the 21 will sell or serve or consume a colic beverages. nor drink is defined as wing during -- lingering. the pensioner -- petitioner will prevent mr.. they will remove graffiti in a timely manner. they will remove graffiti within 72 hours of the following next week day. the interior will be equipped with lighting to make the parents of all persons available. they will not disturb privacy or disturb the use of neighboring residences. at no time so they allowed a third party promoter to have any control over the marketing or operation of the business. we are recommending the application for approval with these conditions.
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supervisor avalos: i have a question about condition 3. how common is that that the food and liquor receipts the compared? >> it is common. people applied as a restaurant and then morph into a bar or restaurant. we're trying to make sure that they stick to their business plan and are truly a food service provider and alcohol provider versus a truth are -- true bar. 'and not opposed to bars. there is a specific license for that. supervisor avalos: is that realistic for bars and pubs to comply with? >> the wonderful thing about san francisco is that we do spend a
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lot of time on the spirit of the law. it is a tool. if it becomes problematic, that is one tool i can use to gain compliance. if we have a restaurant that becomes morphin-- begins morphio a problem, i can look it this condition as a way to get cooperation to get it back on track. supervisor avalos: my questions are not specific to this one side. they are in general. >> as were my answers. supervisor avalos: any other questions from the committee? we can go on to public comment. seeing no one come forward, we will close public comment. in motion from supervisor elsbernd to move forward will be taken without objection. the second item. >> consider the type of a
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general license for the market that will serve the convenience of the people and county of thsn francisco. >> i am from the police department. this is an application for a general license for a corner store. it will allow them the privilege of selling off sale beer, wine, and distilled spirits. this was previously located around the corner on fourth street. they are relocating within the same footprint of the building but with a different address on howard street. we're recommending it for approval. we're adding the following conditions. the sale of alcohol beverages stalled the allowed between 8:00 a.m. and midnight daily. containers larger than 32 ounces
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are prohibited. the alcohol will be no more than 6% by volume. the noise will not be allowed to disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood or go beyond the area controlled by the licensee. they will be required to maintain the area free of litter. there is the lawyer turned -- loitering condition. there shall be no cops, glass, or similar receptacles sold or given away at the premises outside of the regular packaging. the next condition is to discourage public consumption of idaho. there was a pattern in san francisco that if you went in and bought a bottle of distilled
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spirits, the store would give you a cup of ice to go with it. in san francisco, you cannot publicly consume and alcohol. we're trying to discourage that activity. allspi ice show be sold in quantities no less than 3 pounds. it shall not be given away. no person under the age of 21 show sell or deliver the alcoholic beverages. no one shall be sold with an alcohol content greater than 15% by volume other than dinner wine. we are recommending the application for approval with these conditions. this off sale is just relocating around the corner. supervisor avalos: we will open it up for public comment. closed public comment. the motion to move forward with recommendations. item # 3. >> to consider the issuance of a
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type 42 public premises license located at 863 mission street it will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. >> what is before us is an application for a type 42 license. if approved, it is a bar license. you have to be 21 years old to enter. it has all of the stipulations of a bar. it is not having distilled spirits privilege. we recommend the application for approval. we have been discussing this with the applicant. one thing the applicant wanted was to go until 2:00 a.m. seven days a week. that was not something we could justify. i was pleased we were able to come back with the recommendation of approval. we are cutting back the hours with the intention of watching
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them operate for the next year or so. if things are working as planned, we can revisit the hours in one year to see if there is movement to extend it. because of the oversaturation of licenses, i think would be difficult to allow another bar in the area until 2:00 a.m. and would not provide a public convenience or necessity. we are recommending with the following conditions. the sale will be allowed only from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. no noise that will disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. it will not be audible outside the area controlled by the licensee. they will maintain the area free of litter. no loitering.
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graffiti show be removed within 72 hours of application if the graffiti occurs on a friday or weekend or holiday, they shall remove the graffiti within 72 hours following the beginning of the next business -- weekday. the interior lighting maintained will make the appearance and conduct of all persons discernible in that portion of the premises where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed. exterior of the premises will be equipped with lighting of sufficient power to make easily discernible the appearance and conduct of all persons on the premises. the position of the lighting will not disturb the normal privacy and use of neighboring residents. they will not make structural changes without prior approval from the department. the sale of alcohol beverages for of sale is strictly
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prohibited. the sales and consumption of malt beverages is prohibited. this will be a wine bar if approved today. supervisor avalos: how was the condition on the hours received? >> he was receptive. he understood the alternative was a denial. our ability to meet him halfway. we try to create conditions that will not restrict the business so that it will fail, but that gives the applicant to put their best foot forward. it is important to stay on target. the target is to get licensed, it opened, prove your application. become an asset to the community and we can build from there. san francisco has more than 3800 licenses. it is hard to give it to people until 2:00 a.m. seven days a
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week. we are running out of space. supervisor avalos: we can open up this item for public comment. we will close public comment. the motion to move forward with the conditions and recommendation. we can do that without objection. please call item no. four. >> to consider the transfer of the type 20 off-sale beer and wine license from 612 kearny street to 3132 clement street. it will serve the convenience of the people of the city and county of san francisco. supervisor avalos: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: this is regarding the cvs pharmacy.
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it is being shared with the new porsche restore -- grocery store. they have asked for a continuance. i want to make a motion for that. i want to commend cvs on working with the residents. i want to continue the item until april 25. supervisor avalos: we will take that without objection. the item will be moved to april 25. inspector, and you very much. -- thank you very much. we did not have public comment on the continuance. we will continue the item and open it up for public comment. does anyone want to comment on it? we close public comment and continue. we can call item no. 5.
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>> the resolution authorizing the dupondepartment of public ws to extend a grant from the metropolitan transportation commission for the stairway improvement project. supervisor avalos: welcome. >> i am from the department of public works. it would transfer the transportation enhancement grant from the redevelopment agency to the department of public works and allowed us to accept and expend a grant funds. in november of 2009, the county transportation authority awarded a grant for the drive stairway improvement project. it was programmed as part of the regional transportation improvement priority thickets submitted to the metropolitan transportation commission.
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with the proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies, it makes sense for them to assume project management and grant management. the transfer has been approved by the metropolitan commission as well as the redevelopment agency commission. in january, the california commission allocated $112 for the design. on the implementation side, this is already moving. we request that you would approve the transfer from redevelopment to ecw. i would be happy to answer any questions. i also have someone with me from the redevelopment agency. supervisor avalos: very good. thank you. if any member of the public would like to comment, please come forward.
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this is about the mtc grant for the walkway. we will close public comment. a motion to move forward with recommendations without objection. we can call item no. 6. >> resolution authorizing the san francisco recreation and park department to retroactively accept and expend a grant administered by the san francisco county transportation authority in the amount not to exceed $1 million for the palace of fine arts parking mitigation project. supervisor avalos: do we have a representative? >> good morning. i am with the recreational parks department.
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this will help address strategies proposed to address some of the changes occurring as in results of the ongoing improvements. we have been working with our tenants on the project and the transportation authority. this strategy is temporary. it will be brought back to its current conditions when the donor drive is completed in 2014. supervisor avalos: ok. any questions from the committee? we will go on to public comment. thank you for your presentation. if any member of the public would like to comment -- si no one come forward, we will close public comment. we can move this forward with recommendations without objection.
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very good. madame clerk item no. 7. >> the hearing to discuss the pedestrian safety advisory committee's 2010 report and pedestrian safety issues. supervisor avalos: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: thank you. this is an important hearing today. i have been working with a number of pedestrian safety groups and city departments on it. it is an important study that has been done. the report was issued to the board in january of 2011 by the advisory committee. there has been a recent rise in the number of serious accidents and fatalities in san francisco. it was one in particular in the richmond district with an 87- year-old woman. the issue has been raised with supervisors and others. i have been working with the
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advisory committee leaders and a number of community groups to put this hearing on and promote a number of the recommendations from the report. it is an incredible report. we will hear a powerful presentation on it. we will also have a number of representatives available from other agencies to answer questions. we will have someone from the mta and from the san francisco county transportation authority. we will also have people from the san francisco police department. i want to acknowledge the community groups working on this. i think the report begins with a number of excellent pictures.
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there is a great quote this is an accident is when one slips on a banana peel. a pedestrian incident is not an accident. our goal is to make san francisco the safest walking city in the u.s. we have a ways to go. the advisory committee is composed of concerned residents. it has been charged since 2003 with providing expertise and information for planning by engaging relevant agencies. one duty is to report on an annual basis to the board and to discuss the issues, especially injuries and fatalities. they also make recommendations for changes in policies and funding and enforcement. it is important to determine the current state of pedestrian safety so that all parties have
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complete information and established an objective baseline from which to assess future efforts to make san francisco a much safer walking city. i want to introduce three members. the past share, the vice chair, and the current shchair. mr. rothman? >> thank you for having this hearing today. i want to thank your office for helping facilitate this meeting. my name is richard rothman i represent the senior disability committee. i was the chair of the safety advisory committee last year. the advisory committee was set up by ordinance by the board of supervisors in 2002 and 2003 to
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revise the board of supervisors on pedestrian issues and make recommendations to different departments, comment on grants, and review and make recommendations. one of our charges was to make a report to the board of supervisors. this report was done by the members of the committee. i would like for them to rise and be acknowledged. this report was all done by our numbers. diane will talk about it. it was written and produced by members of psac with review by the department. we hope this will be the first of many. diane?
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>> good morning. my name is diane lopez. i am a nurse that works in the trauma center. i will present on the current projects we have been working on as well as some of the impacts of pedestrian safety and the methodology for the report. i am sorry if i have to keep reaching over the computer. we have been working with other city agencies, primarily the mayor's office in terms of public safety. we have a representative that goes to meetings with the mayor's task force. we are in constant communication with them. we're also working with wal
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fik first, the senior action network, and walk san francisco. we want to make sure we represent the interests of the city. the impact of pedestrian injuries is something i have been working on this is very important to me. we have found that approximately 800 pedestrians a year debt injured by vehicles. that is a lot. that is two or three a day. by tomorrow morning, two or three people may have already been hit by a car. this means having 13 deaths a year, approximately one per month. we recently had four that occurred within one week. the cost of medical treatment for these injuries is about $15
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million. over five years, we spend $75 million. we have done that since 2008. it is a very expensive endeavor to get hit by a car. about one in every courtroom traumatic injuries in the city of san francisco is pedestrian related. -- about one in every four traumatic injuries in the city of san francisco is pedestrian related. that is pretty high. supervisor avalos: can you repeat the economic information? >> we worked with psac to report the information. we looked at the five-year study looking at all of the injuries that had come into the trauma center. we look at the actual cost of the injuries. every year, it ranged from $11
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million to $17 million with an average of $15 million. the total cost for five years was $75 million. since 2008, we have added on to the $75 million. 76% of that is charged to public funds. that means medicare, meticadica. we developed the report for 2010 with the help of the members. we requested that city agencies provide us information on pedestrian safety. we also asked that they would conduct a technical review to make sure we were providing objective information. we also adopted the report in 2010. did take over a year to create this. we wanted to make sure that you had solid information. we will continue to strengthen the committee and work


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